ISOHEDE creates an atmosphere that allows people to achieve and realize their potential through their unique contributions


ISOHEDE respectsand rejoice in diversity of race, gender, Religion, thoughts, interests, and ideas, that will help promote success and achieve a common goal.


ISOHEDE is committed to its work, to the communities it serves, and donors; it is through commitment that it can advance and enhance achievement of positive change and sustainable development.




ISOHEDEbelieves in consistently seeking and speaking the truth in the workplace. It is also believes in a workplace that devoid of lying, cheating, stealing, or any other forms of deception

Transparency and Accountability

ISOHEDEwill always make sure to give donors value for their money and ensure that financial reports; statements and progress are sent to donors in time.

Religious principles

ISOHEDE is an Inter- faith based organization and founded on religious principles, therefore, all it does it entrust in God.

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